Rural Development

  🌏Rural Development

Many Hands One Nation (MAHON) Foundation supports the children, youth and communities in the rural villages through various development projects and initiatives on building the new school classrooms in Bobonaro municipality, capacity building supports to marginalized youth in Atauro Island, Cairui village (Manatuto municipality) and Ossoala village (Baucau municipality) on entrepreneurships, siviculture activities and business management ideas. Besides, MAHON is close collaboration with Spend It Well Australia supports the school furniture for children in Molop village in Bobonaro municipality. Following are the rural development activities in several municipalities.

1. The inauguration of Primary School in Guda village, Bobonaro municipality. funded by Japan Embassy in Timor-Leste

2. MAHON mobilized youth volunteers to plant the trees in the protected zones to protect the land degradations, natural disasters and climate change adaptations. Funded by USAID Avansa Agrikultura Project

3. MAHON produce the nurseries in Cairui village (Manatuto municipality). Supported by Ai ba Futuru Project and Financed by the GIZ, Ministry Agriculture and Fisheries and EU in Timor-Leste.

4. Capacity building training for youth groups in Atauro Island on small business aquaculture activities. Funded by USAID Tourism for All.

5. MAHON distributed Solar Buddy lights for students who are living in the very remote areas that not access to electricity and only use kerosene/candlenut lamp for study.